At Mehrin Mill Supply we are motivated by an ambition to serve our customers with the highest standards of quality and service.
We strongly believe in providing total customer satisfaction experience through excellence in product, pro-active approach to quality issues, quick response to customer concerns, cutting-edge technology and value.
We offer a complete mobility solutions has enabled it to earn a worldwide loyal customer base that spans from North America to Europe and Asia and growing.
Close co-operation with customers and channel partners, servicing their needs 24/7 the norm at Mehrin Mill.
Dedicated to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we currently serve the following industries: Automobile Industry Airports Engineering Industries Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Plants Textile Industry Pharmaceuticals Industry Food Industry.



We pride ourselves in after-sales hassle-free customer support. As a result, we are today regarded among one of the best heavy duty castor companies worldwide.

From product conceptualization to designing & manufacturing - delivering flawless imported products from China that offer a 100% return on investment in the products.

We constantly evaluate and work towards employing emerging technologies to benefit customers.