Chief Executive Sales Manager
M. Shahid Bilal Shahid




Our vision is to implement world-class quality practices and towards providing quality solutions while we move forward in expanding our markets globally. Over the years we have quality products imported from China with strong capabilities in design and engineering, including a full fledged product testing and validation facility, which gives you a full-service supply capabilities. As the importer from China we can offer a wide variety of wheels and castors. Over the years, we have invested in the best possible resources, facilities and offer world class products for all capacities and capabilities. We also focus on conservation of natural resources by using them in an efficient and judicious manner.

Our Team

Since inception, we have always attached great significance to the creativity of the human mind. We strongly believe that, as we intensify our efforts to expand, develop new markets and benchmark with even higher standards, our people are the most valuable part of the process. All aspects of supporting the creativity of the human mind from recruitment policies to training & development modules to motivational programs are designed towards a singular objective of making our people work with a sense of pride, remarkable commitment and achieving excellence. We have an edge over the others because of inherent technological advantages that come with employing technology that is the best. Our system for customer service process is customized platform that ensures planned schedules for each customer. Each product carries with it the our seal of quality.